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Feeling off balance is a lot more common than you might think, and there are a lot of different underlying causes that can make you feel unstable on your feet. The symptoms of dizziness can range from mild unsteadiness to very severe. Determining the cause and best treatment strategy is unique to every person.
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We often see patients who’ve been everywhere trying to find the source of their dizziness/vertigo, and they’ve been cleared by every specialist. Having a therapy process that uses multiple forms of medicine and rehabilitation is often the key. If you’re struggling with balance issues, I want to help you understand why that might be happening and what you can do to get your balance back.

How Balance Works

Ultimately, our brains are responsible for ensuring that we are able to stand up and walk around without getting dizzy or off balance.

But unfortunately, there are many different life-events that can prevent our brains from being able to function properly in the area of balance, such as:
  • Inner ear disorders – such as vertigo from conditions like BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo)
    • This is the most common form of dizziness and a clinical examination by our team and your medical team would rule out any dangerous causes of dizziness as fast as possible.
  • Back or neck injuries
  • Concussions/mTBI
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Chronic pain syndromes
  • Old joint injuries
These are only a few of the normal, but negative events in our lives that can affect our balance over time.

We all have a “Central Balance Point” that should position our head and eyes directly over our most stable platform, the ankles, knees, and Pelvis. This balance point is what gives us stability and balance to move and shift directions

In fact, there are 3 different systems in our bodies that calculate our Central Balance Point every single time we stand, walk, run, play sports, or shift from one direction to another:

  • The Somatosensory and Motor System – Don’t worry about being able to pronounce this system. This gives you the map of your body and the environment in which it’s moving. It’s responsible for helping us keep our balance when our knees are bending or our toes are pushing off the ground as we move.
  • The Vestibular System – This system is in charge of communicating about balance with our inner ear. It keeps track of 3 different elements of how we’re moving: the manner in which we’re moving, how fast we’re going, and which direction we’re going.
  • The Visual System – Our eyes play an important role in our balance and stability as well, because our vision helps us stabilize. By closing our eyes during balance testing, we are able to see how well the other 2 systems are working!
Through the process of receiving feedback from each of these three systems, our brains analyze the information and create a plan for helping us feel stable and balanced.

But if one of these systems aren’t functioning properly, our Central Balance Point is off and we feel “wobbly” or dizzy.

How we Fix Balance Issues – Treatments

Once we’ve determined the source of the problem and ruled out more serious conditions (Vestibular Neuronitis, Fistulas, or Labyrinthitis – testing outside of our office with your medical team would be organized), your dizziness is likely caused by the “calculators” in the brainstem that don’t match up with signals coming from the spine, inner ear or eyes. After working with countless patients with balance issues, depending on the source of the problem, many patients have experienced dramatic results in only a few weeks. Treatments may include the following.

  • Repositioning Maneuvers such as the Epley Maneuver and a handful of other great repositioning techniques.
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation – Combining head, neck and eye motion specifically to the affected area.
  • Adjustments or Manual Manipulation of the spine – Very specific chiropractic adjustments are often needed.
  • Myofascial Release or specific muscle and soft tissue stretching and massage techniques
  • Eye Movement training – to ensure the eyes, the spine, and the ear are all “calculating” the same balance equation.

By working together, you and I will create a personalized plan that will repair and rehabilitate all three of your systems that calculate your Central Balance Point, giving you the stability and quality of life that you need.
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